• About Ernströmgruppen


    • CEO
    • "Being entrusted to develop somebody else's business creation fills me with great respect of past generations achievements.

      To continue running it in the same enterprising spirit requires not only professionalism, but genuine respect and understanding of the company's unique history and corporate culture. We at Ernströmgruppen have set a clear goal of becoming even stronger for future generations, primarily by developing existing companies but also through carefully selected acquisitions."

    • Collective entrepreneurial power

    • We stand for a long-term ownership commitment aimed at sharpening the competitive edge of Nordic companies to enable them to advance their market positions. To succeed with this, we combine the best of two worlds: entrepreneurial spirit and large-scale enterprise. From the entrepreneurial world we fetch accountability, effective decision-making procedures, a strong sales and customer focus, and all-out commitment from everybody at the company. From large-scale business we take the professional boardroom, the strategic long-term approach, the exchange of knowledge and experience, structure, purchasing power and stability. This forms the basis of our business model, which we call Collective Entrepreneurial Power.

    • Learn from each other and think outside the box

    • For us, all companies are unique and should therefore be treated as such. But we are also aware that alone is rarely best. If small companies are to retain their competitive edge they need new challenges and stimulation, but also inspiration from others in the same situation. Our companies operate in different industries and target different customer groups with different products. They all have different experiences that they share with each other to find new recipes for success and business opportunities.

    • Decisions are best made close to the customer

    • Each company is responsible for its own sales and development. This not only attracts the best business people, but also creates favourable conditions for the companies to address client needs effectively and quickly adapt to the increasingly intense fluctuations of the surrounding world. The synergies between the companies are clear to see, but we do not impose collaboration on them. Instead, we offer them various opportunities for joint purchasing and exchange of expertise. It is then up to each organisation to determine any business benefits they may gain from it, all with the aim of maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and the strictly delegated responsibility for the company's sales.

    • Focus areas – our niches

    • Our most important acquisition criterion is to purchase solid companies from genuine people who we trust and who share our passion for the long-term development of Nordic companies. Today our way of running companies has a tail wind. Naturally, there are other owners within Nordic industry with a long-term strategy, but not very many, who have demonstrated for nearly a century that they are capable of successfully managing the lifework of previous generations. This is precisely why we view ourselves as the long-term alternative to short-term capital. And, of course, we are interested in exploring unchartered business nisches. Our present focus is on the following four areas: Building components, Water & Wastewater, Safety (fire & marine), Energy and Industry.

    • Company details

    • We are a privately owned conglomerate established in 1918. Today 17 companies spread over all Nordic countries belong to our group, with a total turnover exceeding 1,3 billion SEK. The companies in our group work very independently, but we do demand four things – our 4S´s: excellent Sales, Service, Supply-chain and this can only be accomplished if we have excellent Staff. We believe that these qualities not only lead to long-term success and profitability, but also lay the foundation for a sound business.
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