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  • Ernströmgruppen is a Nordic privately owned industrial conglomerate developing, manufacturing and selling technically advanced products and services, primarily to B2B customers.

    Our business model allows the companies to operate with a great degree of autonomy and report to a company-specific board, which ensures the long-term development of the individual company.

    In our view, this decentralised organisation not only creates the flexibility needed in today's increasingly volatile market; it also attracts competent, business-driven people who want to make a difference.

    We call this business model “Collective Entrepreneurial Power”.

    Ernströmgruppen currently includes companies such as:


    • Armatec logo png

      Armatec Group operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The group develops, markets and sells solutions and products in the field of heating, cooling, industrial processes and energy. Sales are primarily made to industrial customers, directly to piping contractors, but also through wholesalers in the Nordic countries.

      The group has subsidiaries operating under the Armatec brand in all Nordic countries. In addition, the Armatec Group includes the following companies:

      • Erab AB, www.erab.se
      • Mec-Con AB, www.mec-con.se
      • SGP Armatec AS, www.sgp.no
      • Valtor Offshore A/S, www.valtor.com
      • Dansk Ventil Center A/S, www.dvcas.dk

      Turnover:  SEK 900 million
      Number of employees:  270
      Niches: Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing and Water, Energy & Process industry
      Wholly-owned by Ernströmgruppen since 1975.



    • Armaturjonsson logo png

      Armaturjonsson AS is one of Norway's leading suppliers of piping systems for distribution of all types of pressurised water indoors, in all types of constructions. This includes tap water, underfloor heating, radiator heating, cooling, sprinklers or water mist. The company also offers a wide range of products for water treatment, pressure reduction, filters, water stop valves, etc. Armaturjonsson will also conduct risk analyses and water testing for Legionella in shower solutions, etc. In addition, they provide smart home solutions for heating and lighting control and offer an extensive range of training courses on all their systems. The brands include Arjonfloor, Arjonmelt, Arjonsmart, Arjonstop, Arjonskolen, Sanipex and Aquatherm blue, green and red pipe.

      • Enira Vest A/S (www.eniravest.no) is a part of the Armaturjonsson group.

      Turnover: NOK 240 million
      Number of employees: 30
      Niches: Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing and Water
      Wholly-owned by Ernströmgruppen since 1975.


    • C.M. HAMMAR

    • CM Hammar Logo

      Develops, manufactures and sells release systems for liferafts and lifejacket inflators. Market leaders in their niche, the company offers “Better Solutions for Safety at Sea” through OEMs and distributors/service stations in more than 75 countries. The company was founded in 1856 in Gothenburg, by Carl Mauritz Hammar.

      Turnover:  SEK 85 million
      Number of employees:  45
      Niche: Maritime safety
      Wholly-owned by Ernströmgruppen since 2014.


    • CM Hammar Deckvest Vito

    • Kruge Piping Systems logo png

      With operations in Norway and Sweden, Kruge specialises in piping systems, pipe support systems and fasteners for technical installations. Successfully having established itself as a leader in its niche, Kruge is considered to be the market leader in Norway, where it has operated for more than 30 years. In Sweden the company operates under the name ReTherm Kruge AB.

      Turnover: NOK 120 million
      Number of employees:  40
      Niches: Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing and Water, Fire safety
      Wholly-owned by Ernströmgruppen since 2008 & 2012.


    • REC Indovent

    • REC Indovent logo

      Develops, manufactures and sells technical ventilation components and customer-specific solutions for heating and ventilation systems in the energy and environment segment. They are experts on indoor climate in low-energy houses. The company also has an extensive programme for industrial applications made of steel, castings and forgings.

      REC Indovent includes the following companies:

      • REC Indovent in the Baltic States
      • Pegol AB, www.pegol.se

      Turnover:  SEK 100 million
      Number of employees:  40
      Niches: Ventilation, Indoor climate and Steel trade
      Wholly-owned by Ernströmgruppen since 2015.


    • Elektrokyl Energiteknik AB

    • Elektrokyl Energiteknik logo

      Founded in 1945, Elektrokyl Energiteknik AB, is a contracting company with a strong local base. Our head office is located in Borås, with additional offices in Gothenburg and Ulricehamn. Providing services ranging from planning to completion in all areas of cooling, ventilation and heating, the majority of our customers are found within the industry and trade as well as public and commercial administration.

      Turnover:  SEK 80 million
      Number of employees:  40
      Niches: Heating, Ventilation and Energy
      Wholly-owned by Ernströmgruppen since 2016.


    • Polyform AS

    • Polyform AS Logo

      Polyform AS is a leading manufacturer of bouys and fenders. Sold through some 60 distributors, the Polyform brand is well-known in maritime environments all over the world. Polyform AS was founded in 1955 in Ålesund.

      Turnover:  NOK 110 million
      Number of employees:  70
      Niches: Marine buoys, fenders and floats
      Wholly-owned by Ernströmgruppen since 2017.


    • Polyform AS Ernströmgruppen

    • BS Elcontrol logo

      BS Elcontrol specialises in design and manufacturing of control cabinets and automation equipment for machines and processes.

      Turnover: approx 7 MEUR
      Niche: Electro
      Fully owned by Ernströmgruppen since 2019.


    • BS Elcontrol montering av elskåp
    • Rimeda
    • Rimeda AB

    • Rimeda AB logo

      Rimeda designs and builds custom switchboards from the transformer into the building for energy distribution, building automation, measurement and smart home solutions.

      Turnover: approx. 8 MEUR
      Niche: Electro
      Part of Ernströmgruppen since 2018.



    • Ouman logo

      Ouman Group develops, manufactures and sells easy to use building automation products and services.

      HQ in Finland, main production in Estonia and sales companies in Sweden and Russia.

      Turnover: approx. 35 MEUR
      Niche: Building automation

      Part of Ernströmgruppen since 2019


    • IPJ AS teaser
    • Ingeniørfirma Paul Jørgensen

    • IPJ AS logotyp

      IPJ specialises in operational control and automation solutions for water and wastewater treatment facilities. Their products and services ensure a supply of water and treat wastewater in a safe and effective manner, and with a maximized positive impact on the environment.

      Turnover: 40 MNOK
      Number of employees: 12
      Niche: Water and wastewater treatment

      Part of Ernströmgruppen since 2020.


    • TEM Teaser
    • Trans El Matic

    • Trans El Matic Logotyp

      Trans El Matic AB (TEM) is a Swedish system supplier in electric power and automation technology with solutions for building automation, power stations for light and heat control, and well as switchgear solutions for small and large industrial applications. Together with its subsidiary Nässjö Elkonstruktion AB (Nelkab), the company has sales of around SEK 65 million and approximately 35 employees.

      Turnover: 65 MSEK
      Number of employees: 35
      Niche: Electro

      Part of Ernströmgruppen since 2020.

    • Collector
    • MuoviTech

    • MuoviTech

      MuoviTech is a world leader in innovative products and systems for geoenergy, telecom and pressurized water pipes, with its own facilities in Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, England and Norway. Partners and customers in about 50 countries.
      Turnover: 27 MEUR
      Number of employees: 100
      Niche: Geoenergy

      Part of Ernströmgruppen since 2021.