MuoviTech, part of Ernströmgruppen, purchases the entire share capital of TT-Plast Oy

With a share transaction concluded on 30 June, MuoviTech purchases the entire share capital of TT-Plast Oy, based in Pori, Finland. The acquisition will strengthen the status of both companies in the manufacture of polyethene pipes, introducing synergy benefits to their operations.

Climate change impacts the weather and climate in various ways, such as rising temperatures, increased rainfall, changes in annual weather patterns and more frequent occurrence of extreme weather conditions. Mitigation measures play a key role in the concept of climate change and water services. Both MuoviTech and TT-Plast Ltd offer a wide selection of high-quality plastic pipes, installation equipment and services to both mitigate climate change and secure the quality of water supply.

“MuoviTech has a strong position in the geoenergy industry, and the special expertise of TT-Plast will help us further develop our business by offering our customers a more extensive product selection and a more efficient order and supply chain for specialised pipes. At the same time, we will be able to offer the current customers of TT-Plast a more extensive rangeof products such as welding parts, as MuoviTech has solid experience in their procurement. We are proud to continue the work of Tauno Tuliniemi and develop the company for the needs of both businesses’ existing and future customers,” says Joni Hakula, Chief Executive Officer of Ab Muovitech Finland Oy.

TT-Plast Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of plastic products, established in 2003. The company manufactures both pressure pipes and pressure-free pipes for municipal and building services engineering. The company’s headquarters are located in Pori, and with its current machinery, TT-Plast is able to manufacture plastic pipes up to 630 mm in diameter.

MuoviTech is a global leader in the manufacture of innovative geoenergy and pressure-water piping products and systems with production facilities in Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK and Norway. Established in 2002, the company has partners and customers in 50 countries. MuoviTech is part of Ernströmgruppen, based in Sweden.

Kjell Bernt Kalland, head of Business Area Water & Heating at Ernströmgruppen looks forward to what the acquisition of TT Plast adds to the group: “TT Plast is an important strategic addition for Muovitech, which both increases and broadens their product range. We highly value the trust that TT Plast’s previous owners show us in Ernströmgruppen AB and Muovitech. We will do our utmost to take the company forward in a business climate in constant change, and with continuous new requirements and expectations from the market.

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