• We build companies for the next generation. What could then be more important than ensuring that our companies work with minimizing their negative climate impact?

    However, we have higher ambitions than that. We want to influence more than our 25 companies and its 700 employees. Therefore, we are a proud co-initiatior of what, hopefully, will be the first of many events where owners, businessleaders and boards meet, share ideas and get inspired on how we can make a difference when building companies for future generations -  ”Gothenburg Climate Awareness Initiative”.

    This years topic will be about exploring the business opportunities that exist in this new era. Not because we want to make business on something bad, but because we strongly believe that being climate neutral and seeing the opportunities will not only be a competetive advantage in the future but also ensures that companies work with it in an economic downturn.

    Unfortunately, this years event have limited seats and will be by invitiation only. Ernströmgruppens 100 seats are already fully booked by our owners, boards and management teams, but please contact any of the other co-initiators Nordea, Mannheimer Swartling, SEB or Swedbank.

    Finally, we want to thank Stockholm Resilience Centre, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Accenture and Sweco for their pro-bono participation!

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