Ernströmgruppen signs with Bondtech

In recent years, it has become more common for the manufacture of, among other things, components, spare parts and tools to be adapted as needed, instead of only relating to specific standards. As a result, 3D printers have become increasingly common. 3D printers can be used by both consumers and businesses, when standardized products do not meet the demand. The printers consume only the material required for the manufacture of a product, which contributes to a positive impact on the environment, compared to conventional production methods. Ernströmgruppen sees great potential in this market and Bondtech as a company. With Ernströmgruppen as owner, Bondtech will build on its global leadership in its niche.

Since its establishment in 2014, Bondtech has rapidly developed into a global technical market leader in key components for 3D printers. The company develops, designs and manufactures high-performance components that make it possible to increase printing speed, save time and reduce the cost of 3D printing. Bondtech has been named Gazelle Company of the Year and the company’s founder has been nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year. The customers are all over the world and the company’s export share is over 95%. Bondtech has 18 employees and conducts its business from the company’s premises in Värnamo.

As Bondtech has grown, the Company has become a complete supplier and broadened its product portfolio to today deliver complete extruder systems. The system consists of feed heads (Extruder), material melting (Hotends) and material dispensing (Nozzles). In addition to these main products, Bondtech also sells various accessories such as drive wheels, cabling and more.

The entrepreneurs, Martin Bondéus and Henrik Engqvist, will continue to run the company with strategic support from Ernströmgruppen.
“We are pleased that Ernströmgruppen has chosen to become our partner. Together we will be able to realize our ambitious plans for Bondtech. The Ernströmgruppens support and industrial knowledge will be of great benefit to the company’s continued development,” says Martin Bondéus, founder of Bondtech.

Bondtech will be part of the business area “Global Niche Products” with Håkan Skutberg as business area manager. “Bondtech has a fantastic opportunity to continue to grow in a hot market that will continue to revolutionize the industry with new applications and manufacturing opportunities,” says Håkan.

Bondtech becomes the fourth company in Global Niche Products. Håkan continues: “We are pleased to be able to include Bondtech in our growing portfolio of niche companies with a leading market position. During the process, we worked closely with the company to understand how we can work together to add value to the company and help Bondtech reach new heights.”

For additional information, please contact:

Håkan Skutberg

Business Area Manager - Global Niche Email



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