• As a privately owned group of companies striving to hand over solid businesses to the next generation, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously.  The mission of each company within the group is to minimise any negative environmental impact. Our expertise and range also give us an opportunity to assist our customers in their environmental efforts.

    Below you will find a few examples of how our companies work with the environment and sustainability:

    • CEO & Responsible for Ernströmgruppen's Carbon Footprint

    • By reverting to living with and leading companies in balance with nature and our planet, it also means that we stand before one of the biggest challenges ever faced by a generation. At the same time, unforeseen business opportunities are created in this reversion-if we choose to take sides, see and act. 

      By starting a debate, creating tools for actions, and by initiating The Gothenburg Climate Awareness Initiative, we have not only been clear in which side we are on, but we have also tried to help both our own companies, and others, to take on the task.

      As the person who is outermost responsible for Ernströmgruppen, I am responsible for the carbon footprint we create, and that is something which cannot be delegated to anyone other than me and my CEOs.

      Pontus Cornelius

      CEO & Responsible for Ernströmgruppen's carbon footprint 

    • Sustainability classification of companies – ”Ernströmgruppen Eco Screening Tool”

    • We know that small and medium-sized companies often have limited resources to analyze their operations environmental impact. To facilitate this, Ernströmgruppen has had one of the world's leading environmental consultants, Golder (www.golder.com), to develop a simple tool to classify medium-sized companies from an environmental awareness perspective – ”Ernströmgruppen Eco Screening Tool”.

      Through some 30 simple questions, the user will know if they are A-B-C-D-E or F-classified, and perhaps even more important, increased awareness of where to start in their environmental work.

      We have chosen not to consider this tool as a corporate secret but instead let anyone use it. All we want in return is feedback so we can further develop the tool for the benefit of others. The goal is to reduce our overall environmental impact for the next generation, isn´t it?

      Download the Ernströmgruppen Eco Tool 2020 here.

      Read about the tool here.


    • Environmentally friendly constructions with a minimum of energy consumption
    • The use of plastic pipes for distribution of water, cooling, heating and in sprinkler systems in buildings, has increased substantially over the past 20 years. During this time we have seen a rapid product development, and today Armaturjonsson’s piping systems meet the strictest regulatory requirements. The main benefit compared to metal piping is of course that plastic pipes won't corrode, which gives them a considerably longer service life. For cooling and heating purposes, Armaturjonsson’s polypropylene pipes (PP) may be used. These have received environmental approval by Greenpeace and have no negative environmental impact during work with decontamination.  In addition, we have supplied piping systems to projects built to meet the strict requirements for BREEAM-NOR Outstanding certification.

      Link to product page.
Link to the environmental profile of Armaturjonsson.


    • Viridi ball valves – a unique environmental choice
    • There is an increasing environmental call for a reduction of lead contents in construction and installation products. For this reason, we have introduced VIRIDI ball valves, which are dezincification resistant and can be installed in heating systems, as well as in hot and cold water systems. So, why choose these valves? Simply because they are a good environmental choice. The valves contain less than 0.1% lead and are approved for use in constructions subject to the requirements of Byggvarubedömningen och SundaHus. We call our new environmentally friendly range VIRIDI (which means green in Latin), and are proud to be the first supplier in Sweden to offer an environmentally safe ball valve. Armatec sets a new standard for the future and will continue its efforts to develop and improve products to meet current and future environmental requirements. Our VIRIDI range will soon be expanded to include new reducing valves.

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    • Rec - energy-saving heating and ventilation
    • Energy for buildings make up 40% of the world’s total energy consumption and 50% of its carbon dioxide emissions. This could be compared with the transport sector (cars, aircraft, ships, etc.) which is responsible for 25%.  At REC, we are experts in energy-saving heating and ventilation systems, focused on indoor climates. This entails partnering up with our customers, and assuming responsibility for the entire indoor climate. With our expertise, service and our environmentally friendly products, we help to create healthy indoor climates in the low-energy buildings of the future. In doing so, we are ultimately contributing to improving Earth’s climate, which is something that we are very proud of.

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    • Forecast control saves energy and reduces the environmental impact
    • Energy efficiency is a vast area that includes everything from improvements to the building envelope to installation of glazed balconies or energy-efficient household appliances. At Erab, we primarily focus on the inside, where we offer a technology that utilises the thermal storage capacity and free energy by using weather forecasts. In the forecasts on equivalent temperature from SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), consideration is taken to outside temperatures, wind and sunlight penetration, and how these factors interact with the location, characteristics and application of the building. Today we apply forecast control to some 3 million square metres of floorage in residential buildings, by measuring, controlling and governing the buildings’ internal flows. This method saves energy, provides a more balanced indoor climate and reduces the environmental impact.

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