29/02 - 2016 / CM Hammar

CM Hammar – behind the scenes

See how the Hammar H20 is produced in the factory in Sweden. Meet the production team and follow their work from the mounting process to the final inspection and packing.

This is Part 1:

The Hammar production facility is located in Gothenburg, a city with a long history of shipbuilding, situated on the west coast of Sweden. In this fairly small factory building the H20 has been produced and shipped all over the world for almost 30 years.

“Many things have changed in the production process during the years, but our commitment to quality have always remained the same”, says Åsa Olausson, H20 Team Leader, who has almost 20 years of experience of the H20 production.

The first step in the production chain is the quality inspection where all the incoming components are thoroughly measured and tested by the quality control team. One of the most crucial components for the H20’s performance is the knife blade that cuts the rope and releases the life rafts. Therefore the knife blades are rigorously inspected in several different stages of the production.

Most of the components that make up the H20 is automatically mounted by purpose-designed machinery, always operated and monitored by the well-trained Hammar-crew. The current mounting-machine was built only a few years ago and is developed to allow a fast and efficient, yet safe production.

“There are several quality controls programmed into the machinery, but we also do visual controls during the production process. We also randomly select four percent of our products to undergo destructive tests where we simulate a real life activation”, says Adel Saadoun, coordinator for the H20 production, adding that Hammar in many aspects has tougher tolerance limits than required by the Solas convention.

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